Getting to Waterloo

The Region of Waterloo International Airport is 20 km from the main venue. This airport has 2 flights daily to Calgary, CAN for those wishing to connect and arrive directly to Waterloo. This is likely only preferred for those coming from the East Asia and Oceanic regions. If a team is arriving to the Waterloo International Airport, please contact the Tournament Director (Andrew) at to arrange pick up.

The primary international airport will be Pearson International Airport which is in Mississauga, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area). Pearson airport is 95 km from the main venue via highway driving. The following transport options are available for those arriving to Pearson Airport in Mississauga. All rates are in Canadian dollars.

  • GO Transit (Public Transit) – This trip takes 2 hours and has one connection. The trip would depart directly from the airport and end at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, which is an event accommodation. Cost of the 1-way trip is $15.00 for adults and $7.50 for children. (
  • Airport Shuttle (Taxi-style service) – This trip would take 1 hour. There is a service with designated drop locations in Waterloo or  a door to door service. (
  • Airport Limo/Taxi – This trip would take 1 hour. The cost is $120.00 per car, which seats up to 4 people and has space for 4 suitcases and 2 carry-on bags. This is a door to door service. (

Team Bus Deals

Great Canadian Transit Team Deal

please email with a subject line "WFDF 2018 WJUC"

Download PDF for Details

Ayr Transit Team Deal

please email with a subject line "WFDF 2018 WJUC - 22434

Download PDF for Details


A map showing Waterloo in relation to the rest of Canada

Local Transportation in Waterloo

Partner hotels were strategically selected as they’re located on major streets that have high frequency express bus routes. These bus routes will provide virtually direct service between the accommodations and the fields at RIM Park/Manulife Financial Sportsplex. The local public transit provider, Grand River Transit, will allow player passes to serve as bus passes granting players access to the Grand River Transit system for all their travel needs while in Waterloo. The local public transit express buses run from 06:00 to 00:30 and come every 15 minutes through the day, and 30 minutes at night (after 18:30). These buses are clean, safe and were in full use for both junior and adult players during past championship tournaments.

In addition to local transit, shuttle buses will serve all tournament sponsored accommodations. Shuttle buses will run between playing venues and tournament sponsored accommodation to ensure players have regular access to all venues. More information will be posted here as the tournament approaches. If you want to use tournament shuttles, be sure to book in a tournament sponsored accommodation provider. If using local public transport is good for your team, your players passes will be honored on all routes, at all stops on the local network. There are many hotels along key routes to the fields should you choose this option.

Shuttle bus times will be coordinated to ensure athletes arrive to opening games in plenty of time for a full warm-up and depart long enough after late games to ensure a cool-down period can be completed. As the tournament playing schedule is developed as well as social event schedules, the shuttle information will be updated on this page, so be sure to check back periodically.