Medical information

Medical personnel of various types will be available at all field venues. We will have athletic therapists standing by to address any major injuries should they happen as well as having massage and physical therapists available to help prevent injuries before they happen or to help relax those aching, sore muscles after a long day of play. All medical personnel are fully certified in their field and have worked with the organizing committee during past adult and junior ultimate championships.

The Manulife Sportsplex is home to a branch of the Waterloo Sports Medicine clinic should we need their expertise and the local hospital is only 7 kilometers away with the ambulance depot located between both venues. A fire station and first responder depot is located approximately 100 m east of the RIM Park property should they need to be called into immediate action. All local branches of emergency medical services will be alerted of the tournament in advance and on-site staff will be trained in ambulance access to all venues.

For those interested in more information, our on-site medical personnel will be supplied by Wishbone Athletics. Grand River Hospital will be the preferred hospital should an ambulance be needed, but we also have St. Mary's Hospital available as an alternate source of quality care.