Food will be available at many venues of this event, so please review the specific details below for your food information.

Food at accommodation

Please visit the accommodation page for more details of the meals/foods included with the various accommodation packages. We're going to work with the accommodation providers to ensure healthy meals are made available to all athletes.

Food for purchase at field venues

RIM Park

The Manulife Sportsplex has a number of food options. The Benchwarmer Grill is a full pub style restaurant, offering about 80 seats, that serves items such as burgers, chicken fingers and other pub fare. The Sportsplex also has take-out kiosks with foods such as pizza, muffins, granola bars and other small snack foods. These are standard foods for Canada and will vary in healthiness.

There will also be an outdoor food sales area set up for players to purchase meals beside the fields. As the tournament gets closer, we will post a menu here for your review. These meals will be arranged via the tournament staff and will have an emphasis on being healthy options for athletes.

While we suggest you visit the outdoor food sales area, there are also a few restaurant options within sight of the RIM Park fields that athletes could visit. Currently the two (2) options are an Italian and Asian eatery. Please note that these restaurants are not affiliated with the tournament so we cannot guarantee what options will be on their menu or their ability or accommodate specific dietary restrictions.  


Field Food

As part of your tournament fees, foods such as bagels, fruits, granola bars and spreads will be provided for all players to enjoy. These are free to players, but please only take what you're going to eat so that we can reduce waste and help ensure all players have access to foods each day. Typically, in Canada, we offer whole grain and regular bagels for carbs and the fruit selection consists of bananas and oranges.


There will be large water jugs delivered to each field throughout the day so that players may refill their individual water bottles. Please try to leave these jugs for players actively using the fields. If you're on a break and need a refill, there will be a central refill station as well as water fountains in the Sportsplex. Tap water can be safely used to drink in Canada and there will be a few sinks available in the permanent washroom structure at the RIM Park fields. In short, you shouldn't have to look far to find water!