Fees deadlines

Registration fees and deadlines:

Team Fee$515 USDSeptember 30, 2017
Player Fee (Early bird)$140 USDDecember 15, 2017
Player Fee (Regular)$155 USDFebruary 15, 2018
Non-Player Fee$62 USDFebruary 15, 2018


  • All fees are in United States Dollars (USD $). Please ensure your payments are in the correct currency.
  • The team fee is non-refundable.
  • The player fee can be transferred, but is non-refundable (subject to certain exceptions as agreed by the TOC).
  • The Non-Player Fee includes access to all event facilities, transportation, accreditation and a gift pack. This option should be chosen for anyone attending the event as part of a team who is not included on the team roster and is not playing (i.e. coach, chaperone).
  • All bank fees and transfer charges are at the cost of the payer – if there are any outstanding monies, they will be collected in cash during on-site event registration.