WJUC 2018 Organization Chart

Key Staff

Tournament Director: Andrew Portwine

Andrew has organized two past national level tournaments for Ultimate Canada. He has also played at various local, national and international tournaments since 1997 while also sitting on local, provincial and national ultimate organizations' board of directors. Andrew's career is with the local government overseeing the long-term scheduling of the public transport system and its employees.

Technology Director: Jon Hines

Jon served as Director of Communications for the 2014 Canadian Ultimate Championships where he ensured that the best forms of technology were available for use at/near the fields during the tournament. Jon has also held the Executive Director position for the local league (Waterloo Organization of Disc Sports – WODS) and holds a day job as a website developer/coding expert for Dash Digital in Waterloo.

Accreditation Director: Erica Evans

Erica has been involved with the ultimate comminute since 2011. This has included playing competitively in leagues and provincial level tournaments in both the women’s and mixed divisions. Erica is a strong advocate for the grassroots growth and enjoyment of ultimate. Erica is thrilled to have Waterloo host this event and is enthusiastic about helping everyone feel welcome while enjoying their visit to the fullest. Whenever Erica travels she always has a disc with her to share with those interested in learning more about the game.

Sponsorship Director: Kevin Schuster

Kevin has been involved with ultimate since 2003, when he began as a player with the University of Guelph. Since then, he's represented teams at the Canadian University Ultimate Championships, the Canadian Ultimate Championships, and the German Ultimate Championships. Outside of playing, Kevin has volunteered as a photographer for ultimate tournaments and helped coach in the Waterloo Organization of Disc Sports' Kids program. When not at the field, he is providing people with personal financial advice. 

Volunteer Director: Aline Portwine

Aline has been involved with ultimate since 2005, and has since been touring nationally and internationally, taking part in the last 2 WCBU events (Lignano Sabbiadoro in 2011, and Dubai in 2015), and very recently, in WMUCC 2018 in Winnipeg.  She served (and still serves) as a board member on Waterloo's local club (Waterloo Organization of Disc Sports (WODS)) for several years and was Volunteer Director for the Canadian Ultimate Championships in 2014.   Aline works at Sun Life Financial as a Director in one of their IT departments, managing Actuarial applications and projects.

Fields Director: Anastasia Kuronen-Shoemaker

Anastasia has been playing ultimate and/or involved in the local ultimate community for over 10 years. During this time she was active volunteering at many events to help grow the game and showcase the spirit of ultimate. Anastasia also served as the Fields Director at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in 2014.

Communications Director: Naomi Redmond

Naomi fell in love with ultimate while at the University of Victoria in 2011. After five years of competing in the northwest, she relocated to Toronto for a chance to play with the top club team, 6ixers. She has also represented Canada at the U23 World Championships in 2015 and WCBU in 2017. While working alongside Ultimate Canada and Ultiworld, Naomi is pursuing a career in public relations with GOLIN Global.

Lead Photographer: Erica Cheah

Erica has been a photographer for a number of ultimate tournaments in the past, but most notably served as the lead photographer for the 2014 Canadian Ultimate Championships. Erica is a professional photographer who's primary focus is on dance and theatre performance shots. More information about Erica, as well as her beautiful shots, can be found by visiting