WJUC Official Communication v1.8

Official Communication
Fri 24/08/18

We have spent today monitoring the weather forecast and looking at a potential thunderstorm that is forecast for tomorrow afternoon (Saturday). We now have a strong indication that there is a storm front with strong winds and a threat of lightning approaching the region and could impact games later in the day.

As you are all aware, it is impossible for us to predict what will happen tomorrow, but WFDF and the TOC have made a decision to make a change to the game times for tomorrow (FINALS) to try avoid any weather delays to the games.

Saturday 25th August
The women’s U20 game will now start at 09:30
The men’s U20 game will now start at 11:30
The Medal ceremony for both divisions will now take place at the conclusion of the Men’s game.

Updated Schedule is here

We encourage all teams to come out and support your fellow athletes. Please respect the sidelines and end zones and give the teams space. The team tent sideline is restricted to officials, playing teams (of that division) and accredited media.

Teams playing in finals will have priority to board any bus at any time. We anticipate that the women’s teams will likely take the two earliest buses after 07:15. Please be patient and fair.

Lost and found can be located at disc central. If you have found an item, or if you are searching for something, please check in with L&F.

Please note that Field 2 is allocated to the Finals teams for their warm up. Please follow the direction and instruction from any TOC staff and respect that most parts of the venue will be shut down and off limits (including access to most fields)

Wishing you all a safe trip back to your home country and hope your friendships and memories of WJUC 2018 will last a lifetime.

WFDF Event Manager
Karina Woldt