WJUC Official Communication v1.5

Official Communication

This notice is for changes to the Men’s division B Pool ONLY.

We are aiming to do the best we can to achieve competitive balance and it has been brought to our attention that some of the rounds for some teams playing 3 games was not the best option available. The Chair of the Ultimate Committee Brian Gisel has reviewed all options and with support from the TTD  has come up with a fairer schedule.

Please be advised that the order of play for some games for Pool B have been amended.

In Summary a switch of the 13:00 games on Wednesday with the 11:00 games from Thursday for the B Pool.

Round 2 on Wed (B1vB6, B2vB5, B3vB4, B7vB9) has been moved to Thursday and the Thursday games (B1vB7, B2vB6, B3vB5, B8vB9) have been moved to Wednesday.

Thank you
WFDF Event Manager
Karina Woldt