WJUC Official Communication v1.4

Official Communication

Revised WJUC Schedule V4-20180821 available here.

All teams are advised to look in detail at the times and field assignments for all games for Wednesday and Thursday.

Please note - there has been an additional Round 5 (starting at 17:00) added to both Wednesday and Thursday - which will see a lot of teams playing 3 games for a day. This was unavoidable to enable us to make up all the games missed from Tuesdays schedule. Teams in round 5 should look to make specific plans for dinner if their dining times are when they are now scheduled to play.

After the field walk around tonight, fields are looking wet and soft but are in good condition. To enable the best chance for the fields to dry in the sun in the morning and to allow the venue to mow and re-paint, we are restricting access to the fields for warm up to just 15 minutes prior to game start for all teams for rounds 1 and 2.

Please be mindful that some 3m and 5m lines might be faint, we expect all teams to observe the safety zones even if lines are not yet re-painted. We also ask all participants to stay away from mud areas on the sidelines giving them the opportunity to dry out.
We thank you all for your understanding, patience and support today, during what was wet and testing conditions.

WFDF Event Manager
Karina Woldt