WJUC Official Communication v1.1






Round 1 will continue on schedule

Field 8 is now relocated to Field 2 for all games today

Warm up for ALL TEAMS can be on Field 1 and 2 for round 1, and in the marked off WJUC car parking & RIM. Teams may only access their playing field surface 15 minutes prior to the game start time.

Field 4 will have a restriction to all sideline players – DO NOT use the tent side of the field at all

All spectators should remain on hard surfaces to watch games.

Mud slides, puddle dives or any unnecessary action or activity that increases damage to the fields is forbidden.

Please respect volunteers and scorekeepers and give them space and quiet in the tent to do their job.

NOTE – if heavy rain or lightning occur, proceed back to the RIM building as instructed in yesterday’s email.